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I ♡ cold process soap


I am in bliss as I write this my dear reader. The inoxicating aroma soothes me.

 I met a wonderful lady some years back at the little worlds fair in New Hampshire. She had a booth set up that sold homemade bath products. I bought a bar of soap figuring I would try it out, and since that moment I was hooked. 

I travel a lot, and attend several festivals a year, always I am a sucker for cold process soaps, and handmade bath products. None, can compair to the soaps that I purchase from Happy Herb soaps.  

Above is a photgraph of my favorite soap, Oatmeal Milk and honey. No other oatmeal and milk soap to this day has set a high enough bar to compair. 

I ordered, this and she included a couple other items for me, Oh presents!!!

Crow shaped incense  !! 

And dewy balm!!! My skin feels super soft!! 

I will always use these products, for the rest of my life. I would roll around in a whole pool of the oatmeal milk and honey soap if I could. I highly recommend this.

 If you would like to try these you can, here.

Solving the mystery


One of my favorite parts about being a vintage seller on Etsy, is learning about each particular object. I haven’t been active in quite some time selling on Etsy per say, but I never do stop hunting for unique and items of interest. For me a lot of the fun is the mystery of the object. Who made it  ? What was it used for ? Finally the best part when was it made ? 
Earlier this year I picked up an object, which I knew was old but wasnt certain how old. I also did not know what it was used for, because I thought it was a tea strainer! 

It turns out this item is called a shaving mug or “shaving scuttle”. I am still not certain of the exact date of manufacture, but I do think that this item was made around 1920, which would make it almosy 97 years old!!! I do know that this was manufactured in England by the Empire company. Most that I see for sale with this particular pattern are shipped out of England. This leads me to believe that this company sold their merchandise in England only. This leads me to the next mystery, who brought this over ? When did they do so ? 

I am a history nerd, this is quite exciting if I do say so !!  Now finding it within myself to list this item on Etsy and sell it will be quite some task. I have become quite fond of this shaving scuttle now that I have a little history on it. 

Largo central park, holiday display


Hello everyone, it has been quite some time since my last post. I have travelled a lot over the summer. Currently I reside in Largo, Florida. The weather is quite nice, and still warm enough for a swim in the ocean during the afternoon. 

There are lots of things to do in this fine city but tonight I would like to write to you my dear reader about The holiday display, in Largo central park. As I write, I am standing at the military court of honor. This monument has a brick walkway listing names of our troops, and 6 flags in the center. 

This is a great park to walk your dogs, or just spend some qualty time with the family. There is no loud music, and the park has quite a relaxed vibe. What I want to talk about most of all, is the display at night time which, is truly something special. I would say that this is for all ages to enjoy. A walk down the lit path is quite romantic and calming for the soul. Sure there is the occasional young couple knecking off the beaten path, but the park is quite safe, even after dark. 

At the south end of the park there is a Giant Gondola wheel and carousel. Both of these rides are a classic and such a nice touch to the event. The rides open at 5pm so if you prefer not to ride in the dark, you are welcomed warmy by the staff to ride “the sunset carousel”.

Close by the Giant Gondola wheel, is a booth that offers snacks, soda, and all the right essentials for smores. A firepit is lit at all times, this has been my favorite part of the event without a doubt. 

The park is not even a week into the Holiday lights, but has proven to set a high bar for this event. If you are in the area and on a low budget or would like some outdoor time, I highly recommend this event.